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Effective eCommerce website design starts with knowledge. At Pakka, we have built a team full of talented web designers and web developers who are not only capable and experienced, but have a solid foundation of eCommerce shopping cart solutions to work from. The end result is a strong website design that incorporates many aspects of eCommerce web development seamlessly.  

But what exactly makes one provider of eCommerce web design stand out from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at what makes our eCommerce website design solutions so unique and friendly to businesses of any type.
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Below are our three most popular web design packages, each package is fully scalable and can be modified to your needs:

Custom Design
Custom Header Design
1 static header
1 rotating (3 headers)
1 rotating + 2 static headers
No. of pages built by Pakka
10 page site
15 page site
20 page site
No. of Client built pages
No. of Images
Extensive CMS Functionality
Contact Form
Submission in Search Engines
SEO Setup (Tags, Titles, Descriptions & Keywords)
Telephone Training
Latest News
Banner Advertisement
Google Maps
Email Newsletter Template Design
Email Newsletter, 1st Campaign Designed & Sent Free
Promotional DL Cards Designed & Printed (Qty 250)
Newsletter Sign up
Article Directory
Image Gallery
Event Calendar
Twitter and/or Facebook Feeds
Domain Registration
Security Pack
Legend  = Included  = Not Included   = Option

View some of our projects below:

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Step One: Drafting an Effective eCommerce Website Design

Beginning from scratch is not truly necessary in building an online shop. But the team at Pakka also understands that each client is different, with different needs and different goals. That means that the eCommerce web design solution we create for you will not be a “one-size-fits-all” template that will work with any client we prescribe it to. Rather, the solution tailored to your needs will only fit your online shop.

That’s how to start from scratch effectively: to build from a client’s needs rather than our preconceived notions.

Step Two: Building a Framework to Achieve Maximum Results

An eCommerce website design solution has to be tailor-fit to your needs; it also has to be ready to maximise your potential web presence. That’s why we work within a strong framework to create solutions that not only fit your needs, but establish a strong web presence that will help you turn prospective buyers into long-term, paying customers.

Through this process, we incorporate eCommerce web development services that will help you all along the way. Through our experience in eCommerce web development for businesses, we’re familiar with the common obstacles – and how they can be overcome.

Step Three: Tweaking, Testing, and Launching

Any eCommerce website development firm worth its salt will take great pains to ensure that they tailor their designs to fit your needs. That’s why we’re happy to offer tweaking, testing, and launching services to help you along the path. Feedback is important, as is constantly revising the plan in order to conform to new progress made along the way. The end result will be a strong web presence launch that helps create a strong brand reputation. And the solutions we install with our ecommerce platforms will help you to continue thriving with your sales online.

The end result of all our services will help you to create the web presence you’ve been waiting for: a creative design matched with the simple logistics of an easy-to-use eCommerce framework. You’ll be able to take orders, register new customers, and effectively market your product or service quickly and easily. You’ll also be ready to “plug in” various marketing efforts – such as social media – with the new branding efforts you’ve established on your home web site. That’s how Pakka’s solutions differ from those of the competition: by providing comprehensive eCommerce building services from beginning to end.

It all starts with a simple phone call – 1300 799 858 – for a quick discussion about your needs and to discover the best cost-effective solution.


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