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What does it take to have an impact on your desired audience in today’s web? Sure, it takes compelling copy. It also takes high-level visuals that attract your users’ attention without driving them away. It takes intuitive site navigation and on-point on-site SEO. But if you can combine all of these elements into a single, synergistic design, then you’re really getting somewhere.

At Pakka, we strive to be the kind of web designers Sydney looks for when looking for these high-impact designs. But we also understand that having an impact on your users isn’t only about having glamorous visuals. It’s about having a comprehensive web designer give you all that you need to succeed online: stunning visuals, valuable content, functionality that helps funnel users in the right direction, and the right marketing tools to ensure that your users are turning into customers. Take 1 minute to watch our overview video.

Below are our three most popular web design packages, each package is fully scalable and can be modified to your needs:

Custom Design
Custom Header Design
1 static header
1 rotating (3 headers)
1 rotating + 2 static headers
No. of pages built by Pakka
10 page site
15 page site
20 page site
No. of Client built pages
No. of Images
Extensive CMS Functionality
Contact Form
Submission in Search Engines
SEO Setup (Tags, Titles, Descriptions & Keywords)
Telephone Training
Latest News
Banner Advertisement
Google Maps
Email Newsletter Template Design
Email Newsletter, 1st Campaign Designed & Sent Free
Promotional DL Cards Designed & Printed (Qty 250)
Newsletter Sign up
Article Directory
Image Gallery
Event Calendar
Twitter and/or Facebook Feeds
Domain Registration
Security Pack
Legend  = Included  = Not Included   = Option

View some of our projects below:

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Over the last 7 years, I have worked closely with PAKKA to develop a number of website, web portals, online training courses and training sites....PAKKA is reliable, has a truly consultative approach and that they are willing to go the extra distance that I am happy to recommend the services of PAKKA to you.

Steve Cunningham
National Training and Development Manager
TABMA Workforce & Career Development PTY LTD

A Web Designer that Works With You

Our goal at Pakka is not to be the kind of web designer Sydney companies try to avoid: the type of designer that will apply a cut-and-paste formula to your specific project. We strive instead to work with you as web designers who are aiming to please. But we also want to give you the comprehensive web presence you know you need.

In order to cater to your needs while also supplying comprehensive services, we take a careful, service-based approach: we assign one point of contact for your company to enjoy communicating with. We include not only attractive visual web design, but also the marketing tools to help you attract the users you want to reach after the web design has already been published on your site.

Many web designers will give you just the attractive visual and call it a day. But if you really want to turn your users into customers, you’re going to need a number of elements to be effective on your web page. From grabbing their attention with marketing and effective SEO to maintaining a highly-accessible functionality, the entire sales funnel of your website should be considered from the very outset of your project.

Guiding You through the Web Design Process

While we at Pakka like to rely on our creativity and experience when it comes to designing for the web, we’re intelligent enough to know that effective web design is web design that specifically suits each client’s needs. That’s why we’ll simply guide you through the Web Design process – not lead you – and take the trip together.

Any web designers who have attempted to monopolise the entire process to themselves knows how it works out when there isn’t a give and take. We are not those designers. Instead, we take a client-centric approach to customise every aspect of your web site: from the drop-down menus to the on-site SEO to the way your users are funnelled and guided into customers. We’ll give you the feedback you need along the way to ensure that what you put on the web will have maximum impact on your audience.

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