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Find a Web Design Package That Grows Business – and Grows With Your Business

Balance.  In a digital age where any business with pocket change and an hour’s time can build a website, those that strike balance between aesthetics and functionality can quickly jump to front of the competitive line.

At Pakka, we combine cutting edge web design with intelligent online marketing – delivering websites that not only catch consumers’ eyes, but stand out as necessary marketing vehicles to build your business starting from as little as $2,500.  You stay focused on daily operations, and Pakka handles what we do best; guiding you through what can seem like a never-ending tech maze of new tools and various marketing devices.    Take 1 minute to watch our overview video.
Below are our three most popular web design packages, each package is fully scalable and can be modified to your needs:

Custom Design
Custom Header Design
1 static header
1 rotating (3 headers)
1 rotating + 2 static headers
No. of pages built by Pakka
10 page site
15 page site
20 page site
No. of Client built pages
No. of Images
Extensive CMS Functionality
Contact Form
Submission in Search Engines
SEO Setup (Tags, Titles, Descriptions & Keywords)
Telephone Training
Latest News
Banner Advertisement
Google Maps
Email Newsletter Template Design
Email Newsletter, 1st Campaign Designed & Sent Free
Promotional DL Cards Designed & Printed (Qty 250)
Newsletter Sign up
Article Directory
Image Gallery
Event Calendar
Twitter and/or Facebook Feeds
Domain Registration
Security Pack
Legend  = Included  = Not Included   = Option

From a simple site to something a bit more sophisticated, Pakka provides web design packages for the minimal online presence and full-scale retail storefront alike.  Content management sites (CMS), complex e-commerce portals, and more; our web designers ensure all products are functional and engaging for the end user, while remaining transparent and optimised for the search engine as well.

You might have a clear vision of what you’d like your site to accomplish.  But with innovative technologies to merge audio, video, software, data delivery, and more into a single website, the opportunities are exciting, yet expansive; their functions cloudy. How do you know which way to turn first?  After identifying your business’ online purpose, our web designers present a solution to match your specific needs and budget – without compromising quality in the process.


View some of our projects below:

Image1 Image2 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10


We understand that running the web design race can be frustrating and resource-consuming, even under the smoothest of circumstances – our years of experience tell us so.  So how does Pakka help?  One point of contact, no queues, and definitely no run-around.  We dedicate a single person to your cause; a personal designer whose skills and industry know-how are at your complete disposal until completion.

It all starts with a simple phone call – 1300 799 858 – for a quick discussion about your needs and to discover the best cost-effective solution.
We’ve worked with businesses big and small, servicing companies that specialise in product A to service Z.  But regardless of past accomplishments, we fully believe in creating a website that is right for your needs and specific to your business.  While we hang our hat on our design skills, it is our ability to offer professional advice on the pathway to providing the most appropriate web solution that is our greatest asset. 

"When we needed to tweak our new website that we had already spent far too much time and energy on, Pakka's team quickly and easily understood the vision we had. Without very little ongoing feedback they were able to swiftly make the aesthetic and technical changes so that our website became the impressive tool we had always wanted it to be.

Pakka is currently steering us through the maze of search engine optimisation. They are remarkably patient with our lack of technical expertise in house and have been able to provide clear and understandable advice to ensure we are making the most of the power of this new age of internet marketing."

Julian Parry,
Director, Arbor Pride

How our Web Designers Work with you to Achieve your Dream Website

Design, navigation, buttons, links, dropdowns, fillable forms, a little of “this” here and a bit more of “that” over there…the imagination is a beautiful thing, and is the starting point of any great creation.  For that reason, our first task is to let you “drive” while we listen.  You pour out the many different ideas that have been circling your mind for days, weeks, months, and maybe even years, and we sit back and absorb, forming a sound understanding as to what it is that makes your product or service truly unique. 

It is only when we have a firm grasp on your target audience and what it is you specifically want to accomplish with your site do we move forward.  Then – with experienced talent to guide you – Pakka will apply your design concept to a mock home page and one internal content page.  If you like it, we continue on, incorporating your design to the rest of the website before programming.  If not, no problem, as we are happy to provide additional revisions until you are completely happy.

And with every step, we are prompt and proactive.  You can expect to receive the first set of visuals within 5 working days.  Why?  Because we understand your resources are prized. Time lost without a functioning website is literally money taken from your pocket and placed in the hands of your competitor.  Pakka makes certain that your time is devoted to the things you do best, while our time is dedicated to satisfying your website design needs.

Where to From Here?

Like many things, the first and often the most difficult step in moving forward is admitting there is a problem.  If your website’s look and feel has “expired,” Pakka can provide the necessary boost to bring it back up to speed.  Or, if you are just in the beginning stages of planning a web presence, let our friendly and approachable team help you at square one – providing a full service experience through completion of a website your business will be proud to call its own.

Want to find out more about our web design services?
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