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There aren’t a lot of people who traditionally associate a phrase like “Website Designers” with service. Many people actually think that website designers as a product – almost like you could pick a website design at the nearest retail store. But if you’ve ever gone through the process of web design for small business before, then you know the process isn’t all that simple. Indeed, a website design company is not offering a product, but a service. Sure, the end result of their labour is that you have a product in hand. But like a tailor, a website designer has to do a lot of careful calculating before they can deliver an end result custom-fit to your exact specifications.   
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Below are our three most popular web design packages, each package is fully scalable and can be modified to your needs:

Custom Design
Custom Header Design
1 static header
1 rotating (3 headers)
1 rotating + 2 static headers
No. of pages built by Pakka
10 page site
15 page site
20 page site
No. of Client built pages
No. of Images
Extensive CMS Functionality
Contact Form
Submission in Search Engines
SEO Setup (Tags, Titles, Descriptions & Keywords)
Telephone Training
Latest News
Banner Advertisement
Google Maps
Email Newsletter Template Design
Email Newsletter, 1st Campaign Designed & Sent Free
Promotional DL Cards Designed & Printed (Qty 250)
Newsletter Sign up
Article Directory
Image Gallery
Event Calendar
Twitter and/or Facebook Feeds
Domain Registration
Security Pack
Legend  = Included  = Not Included   = Option

View some of our projects below:

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"When we needed to tweak our new website that we had already spent far too much time and energy on, Pakka's team quickly and easily understood the vision we had. Without very little ongoing feedback they were able to swiftly make the aesthetic and technical changes so that our website became the impressive tool we had always wanted it to be.

Pakka is currently steering us through the maze of search engine optimisation. They are remarkably patient with our lack of technical expertise in house and have been able to provide clear and understandable advice to ensure we are making the most of the power of this new age of internet marketing."

Julian Parry,
Director, Arbor Pride

A Website Designer with a Simpler Solution

Because the service aspect of web design is so integral to the process of crafting a new web design, Pakka takes a different approach: simplicity. No web design for business will really go smoothly unless you have a single point of contact throughout the project. Our dedication to simplicity is what separates us from our competitors and, ultimately, leads to a better end-result for your company.

But while simplicity of service is the goal, it should not be mutually exclusive with comprehensive attention to all of your web design needs. Our experts are experienced in crafting ne websites from “A to Z,” which puts them in a position to address all of your needs and overcome all of the obstacles along the way, if any.

Of course, you’re still in the driver’s seat. From drop-down menus to taglines and fillable forms, we’ll listen to all you have to say about web design for small businesses. Our service isn’t complete unless we form a partnership with your needs and your desires as a company. Our job is to get out of the way as much as possible in letting your imagination run wild; we’re simply the ones who put your creations in web form. No website designer Sydney company should take any other approach.

Building a Trusting Relationship

We at Pakka will respect your time and energy, which is why we offer a quick turnaround for the first visuals – usually just five days. Web design for small businesses should always strive for this kind of promptness. Instead of working to make sure our design fits our needs, we simply tailor what we’re doing to match your own specifications. From high-impact visuals to on-site SEO, we can help create a web site that easily “plugs in” to your entire presence on the web.

We believe it’s through these initial first steps that we build a trusting relationship. Through open communication, we can be surer that what we’re working on from our end is exactly what you’ll want to see from your end. In essence, this helps us to custom-tailor a solution for all of your web woes without sacrificing time. That’s the difference between offering a product and offering a service.

It all starts with a simple phone call – 1300 799 858 – for a quick discussion about your needs and to discover the best cost-effective solution.
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