Website Design Sydney: Matching the Solution to Your Problems

Effective website design begins and ends with one effective strategy: customization. When your website has the look of one-size-fits-all, it loses its professionalism, no matter how clean it may appear. Anyone who’s ever worked website design for small businesses should know that. A true website design company goes above and beyond that standard, form-fitting a tailor-made solution to your specific set of problems and challenges. That’s exactly what we like to do here at Pakka.    Take 1 minute to watch our overview video.

Below are our three most popular web design packages, each package is fully scalable and can be modified to your needs:

Custom Design
Custom Header Design
1 static header
1 rotating (3 headers)
1 rotating + 2 static headers
No. of pages built by Pakka
10 page site
15 page site
20 page site
No. of Client built pages
No. of Images
Extensive CMS Functionality
Contact Form
Submission in Search Engines
SEO Setup (Tags, Titles, Descriptions & Keywords)
Telephone Training
Latest News
Banner Advertisement
Google Maps
Email Newsletter Template Design
Email Newsletter, 1st Campaign Designed & Sent Free
Promotional DL Cards Designed & Printed (Qty 250)
Newsletter Sign up
Article Directory
Image Gallery
Event Calendar
Twitter and/or Facebook Feeds
Domain Registration
Security Pack
Legend  = Included  = Not Included   = Option

We’re a website design business that doesn’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all paradigm. Rather, our advanced capabilities focus on attention-capturing visuals that excite your user. We also focus on creating valuable content that will help promote “stickiness,” or your site’s ability to maintain its users’ attention. We merge it all with user-friendly functionality that will help people navigate quickly and easily across a range of sub-sections. And we also want to supply you with the marketing tools necessary to ensure that many of your users also become your customers.

If it sounds like a lot of hard work, leave that to us. We’re the website design Sydney firm that is actually glad to take your challenges and turn them into solutions.


View some of our projects below:

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A Website Design Company with the Target Audience in Mind

Although it’s great to start with a design in mind, we like to take a different approach at Pakka. Instead, we like to listen to our customers’ unique selling points and unique challenges, and then work on crafting the website design interface to suit the target audience.

This approach might seem a little unorthodox, but it’s really the only way for an effective website design business to handle things the right way. By focusing on your target audience and understanding exactly what you want your site to accomplish, we’re able to key in our design concepts around your goals. We can incorporate design traits that you might not have thought of as well as create internal content pages that help you navigate and manage your own site.

With the target audience in mind, we then go through a revision phase in which our website design for small business strategy really comes into focus: you begin to see how the site will actually look and interact with users on the web. Pakka’s consistency of effort and creative team will be able to hone in on exactly what your target audience needs in order to move from being mere users to becoming customers.

How to Work with Pakka

We don’t only want your web design to be easily navigable; we want the process of working with Pakka to be intuitive as well. That’s why we’ll go out of our way to show you through our process, involve you with the creation of your website, and ultimately make the decisions that will lead to an overhaul of your web presence. Our full list of services as a comprehensive Website design business will knock you out; if not, hopefully our designs will.

It all starts with a simple phone call – 1300 799 858 – for a quick discussion about your needs and to discover the best cost-effective solution.
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